Custom WordPress Theme


Let’s design a custom WordPress theme together that is in line with your business brand and needs. 

A custom WordPress Theme website is created to be one of a kind. The developer will typically create pages or prototypes based on the businesses branding and design goals in mind that are laid out during the discovery process of the project. The developer will either provide pdf files or a live testing environment such as a dev site. These prototypes usually 2-3 different variations help the business owner and developer narrow down the final design. At the end of the project, the business owner has a beautifully designed custom made website.

The alternative to using a custom designed WordPress theme is to use a premade theme that already includes all the colors, and page layouts making it much faster to develop. This is an alternative if you are on a strict budget and timeline.

We will discuss during the discover phase what type of website is best suited for your budget and needs.






Call or send us a message, and let’s start working on great things together.